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A proven way to welcome visitors to a space: Furniture.

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“Invariably the task of designing a chair becomes a distillation. The chair is the boiled down essence of the architect's instincts, beliefs and meaning.”

A successful space invites people to enter and makes them want to stay. Furniture is the most effective way to say to visitors, "Welcome. Take a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Stay and enjoy what we have to offer." But not all furniture communicates that message.

M&LF offers a coordinated line of high-quality seating and furniture…

  • refined furniture for cultural institutions
  • specialized furniture for educational programs
  • durable indoor/outdoor furniture for public spaces

M&LF designs, manufactures and distributes its distinctive products in accord with the highest standards of quality and environmental sustainability.

With special regard for the Americans with Disabilities Act, Universal Design, and every conceivable aspect of accessibility and psychological comfort, M&LF works to constantly review, test and improve its products.

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