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Detail of the Gallery Bench, Slat

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Public Seating, the Essential Element

Public Seating

It is hard to imagine successful, vibrant cultural spaces with no comfortable places to sit. Quality chairs and benches accommodate people and the basic human need for comfort.

Seating activates public spaces in museums, libraries and educational facilities. Seating is the essential element that communicates an institutional respect and concern for visitors. Integral and harmonious with the architectural interior, seating is the gesture that invites contemplation and enjoyment.

With attention to designing spaces for interactions and activities within public spaces, seating must never be a flip afterthought or an improvised add-on. Seating must harmonize with its surroundings, and show consideration to disabled persons, children and seniors. Beyond being attractive and appropriate for the space, the seating must be durable and made from sustainable materials.

Tom Shiner FAIA