ML&F, Museum & Library Furniture LLC

About M&LF

A Custom Solution

In 1992 a museum educator came to an architect and requested a design for a lightweight, durable, carry-along stool for use in his museum galleries. It had to be attractive, stackable, and affordable.

Universal Application

Based on the success of the original design for The Museum Stool®, Museum & Library Furniture, LLC has produced stools for dozens of educational programs in the U.S. and Europe. As a company begun in liaison with the 20-year-old architectural firm of Thomas S. Shiner, FAIA, M&LF has positioned itself as a leader in the design, sales and distribution of of durable, specialized institutional furniture and design services.

Long-term Sustainability

M&LF provides customers with simple, functional, environmentally sustainable furniture exhibiting the highest standards of design and construction quality for use primarily in museums; and secondarily in other environments; libraries, churches, schools, offices, homes. The emphasis is on producing single-piece, non-mechanical, ready-to-use units.


Tom Shiner has won awards including the Virginia Society AIA Inform Award for The Museum Stool® and the Object Design Merit Award in the 2012 Inform Awards for the Seminar Bench.